Family Garden, Oxfordshire

A large, neglected garden overlooking rolling countryside. The brief was to retain much of the lawn, giving generous space to play and to create a country garden which was full and romantic and which would look comfortable in its setting, not encroaching on the fine view.

A stand of quince trees, three multi-stemmed amelanchiers and pairs of upright yew pillars form a framework for a romantic, complex planting scheme. Seductive groups of claret coloured lilac and scented daphne enclose the benches, the wonderful subtly changing colours of Rosa mutabilis contrast with the darkness of the yews and jewel coloured dahlias dazzle until the first frost.

‘We created this garden for writer and broadcaster, Charlie Lee Potter. Charlie regularly photographs the garden for her excellent blog about food and literature,

Her June 2012 post, ‘If only Hemingway had drunk sherry’, has some great images of the garden in midsummer.’

The garden as work begins.